Prosperitas is Budapest Business University’s open access journal. The Journal invites contributions linked to current problems and challenges facing businesses in all fields of the subject area of Business, Management and Accounting. Accordingly, Prosperitas publishes studies including, but not limited to, the following areas: management science, strategic management, business economics, finance, accounting, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, human resource management, organizational behaviour, organizational psychology, organizational governance, entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, foreign and international trade, commerce, and hospitality. The journal prioritises those studies that contribute to the development of the above research areas and, at the same time, also offer hands-on and practical solutions to business decision-makers’ dilemmas and problems. In addition, Prosperitas promotes the discussion and analysis of business-related challenges facing the Central and Eastern European region.

The Journal publishes 4 issues annually. All published articles will be indexed and identified with a unique DOI number and will be made available via a publicly accessible repository.

Our flyer, designed for distribution among authors, includes the most important information and facts about the Journal in a concise format.

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