In a simplified form, the following describes the editorial process applied by Prosperitas.

Submission → AED Checklist: Preliminary Language Check (reject and resubmit or unsubmit decision / process continued) → AE Evaluation and Plagiarism Check (desk reject / process continued) → Reviewers’ Invitation → Awaiting Reviewers’ Scores → AE Recommendation → EIC Decision (reject / major revision / minor revision / accept) → if accepted: Return of Author Copyright and Publication Rights Declaration signed by All Authors (Corresponding Author’s cooperation needed) → Language and Format Editing (Corresponding Author’s cooperation needed) → Publishing as Early Access Article → Publishing in Final Form 

Please note the following:

Every submission undergoes plagiarism and linguistic check in the first stage of the review process.

After Acceptance, Authors’ withdrawal is not possible.

After publishing, in cases declared in COPE, retraction can be made if author(s) has/have committed a serious breach of publication ethics.